Our Approach

EnteriMAX® - a multi-dimensional approach to piglet nutrition

The EnteriMAX® range of piglet diets enhance the digestibility of the diet and support the gut microbiome, thereby reducing the risk of digestive upsets. In doing so EnteriMAX® diets drive feed intake and maximise lean growth in this key period.

Diagram showing benefits of EnteriMAX

Gut Microbiota Solution

Ingredient selection and targeted nutrient specification optimise gut functionality and reduce the incidence of diarrhoea.

Essential Oils

EnteriMAX® includes a bespoke blend of essential oils and natural extracts to optimize feed intake, performance and improve faecal scores.

Crude Protein Reduction

DevAmine technology allows us to reduce diet crude protein without compromising growth.

Prebiotics & Probiotics

Devenish has identified prebiotics and probiotics which work synergistically to maintain intestinal integrity. This stimulates activation of the immune system which helps to suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Energy Optimisation

DiNAMIC ensures energy digestibility is significantly increased, resulting in a greater capacity to utilise all other nutrients for efficient growth.

Cereal Grain Activation

Cereal grains included in EnteriMAX® diets have undergone a unique patented processing step, resulting in a reduced frequency of post-weaning diarrhoea.

EnteriMAX® Feeding Programme

The extended EnteriMAX® range means we can tailor a feeding programme to meet the needs of your pig enterprise. The feeding programme illustrated here will guide your needs, but for further information on the range and pricing, contact your Devenish representative.

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